Ti CRM is a cloud-based CRM solution designed for the pharmaceutical industry. The product is part of QPharma’s Titanium platform and has been serving the industry for some time.

In 2022, the latest version of Ti CRM was enhanced with several features to support modern marketing practices. The product is optimized for fast implementation and can be fully deployed in a matter of weeks.

Some of the key features of Ti CRM include:

  • Sampling and compliance features to support order processing, sample reconciliation, and signature audits
  • Powerful product alignment and high-speed engine to exercise controls and limits for reps and HCPs
  • QSign, a purpose-built digital signature solution for business reply cards (BRCs), available as an add-on to support remote sampling
  • Interoperability with other applications in the Titanium platform to eliminate duplication of efforts and leverage features, services, and data across the platform
  • Secure virtual meetings, including video conferencing, with HCPs in a module called QConnect
  • Interactive Visual Aids (IVAs) support as a standard feature to help reps share assets with HCPs and capture usage metadata for Closed-Loop Analysis (CLA).
  • Approved Emails feature to allow sales reps to send pre-approved email templates to HCPs
  • User entitlements feature that allows clients to specify users’ access in terms of business functionality
  • Ti CRM is available as a mobile app in the Apple App Store for QPharma’s clients. It also has a responsive mobile web version that supports any device with a modern web browser.

Ti CRM provides insights on email activity effectiveness (such as read or never opened) that allow marketing teams to make improvements.

The product has a simple user interface designed to provide sales reps with a sublime user experience. Reps can easily navigate through the product, request samples and promotional materials, and make appointments with HCPs

Ti CRM is compliant with 21 CFR Part 11 and PDMA guidelines, ensuring that all data is secure and accurate.

Overall, Ti CRM is a powerful cloud-based CRM solution designed to simplify the implementation process and provide sales reps with the tools they need to effectively manage relationships with HCPs.

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