The MedStart Kiosks Can Get Your Samples Into More Offices

Distributing pharmaceutical samples is crucial to the success of any product. Imagine the increased success your pharmaceutical company could achieve if you could automate the distribution of your pharmaceutical samples, co-pay cards and coupons. The MedStart kiosks are devices that dispense pharmaceutical samples to physicians and are located in many offices across the country. These units are designed to get your samples into the hands of physicians who are otherwise inaccessible to your field representatives, such as those in no-see, no-call offices. QPharma can add your company’s pharmaceutical samples to our list of products within the MedStart kiosks, making them available to an extensive network of prescribers. Learn more about adding your company’s samples to the MedStart kiosks in physicians’ offices.

What Is a MedStart Kiosk?

The MedStart kiosks are physical pharmaceutical sample dispensers. A healthcare provider can select one of many different samples from the kiosk, and the sample will be instantly dispensed. The physician is automatically verified as an authorized dispenser, and the samples are then tracked to the patient’s electronic medical/health record. The healthcare provider simply uploads the records, opens the door, scans the sample, prints the label, and experiences the benefits of your products. The whole process can take 30 seconds or less. The MedStart solution removes barriers that may prevent a physician from dispensing your pharmaceutical samples.

The Benefits of Using MedStart Kiosks

By providing physicians with a quick and easy way to dispense medication samples, MedStart makes your pharmaceutical products more accessible than ever before. Pharmaceutical manufacturers benefit from increased healthcare provider sample tracking, prescription fills, and reaching new no-see, no-call offices. Joining our cultivated list of pharmaceutical samples gives prescribers increased access to your company’s products and encourages them to dispense them. Some of the benefits for your company include:

  • Access to a wide network of physicians who already use MedStart kiosks in their offices
  • Allowing prescribers to dispense free samples of medication with ease
  • Increased reach and distribution to no-see, no-call practitioner offices
  • Automated compliance measures
  • Enhanced patient satisfaction and HCAHPS scores
  • Minimizing the waste of pharmaceutical samples

Why Choose MedStart Kiosks From QPharma?

Your company likely spends a lot of money promoting your drug widely, but MedStart gives you a way to directly expose your products to physicians at the moment they are choosing which pharmaceutical sample to give a patient. Hundreds of MedStart Cabinet kiosks are already deployed at healthcare facilities and doctors’ offices throughout the United States, many of which are no-see, no-call offices. This allows physicians to access samples without the direct involvement of a field representative, connecting your pharmaceutical company directly with the prescriber.

Add Your Pharmaceutical Samples to the MedStart Kiosk!

The success of any pharmaceutical product depends on the availability of samples. If you add your company’s products to our array of pharmaceutical samples in the MedStart kiosk, you can increase their visibility and accessibility with one swift step. QPharma works closely with countless healthcare providers, and that list is growing all the time. By adding your products to our carefully cultivated list of pharmaceutical samples, you can get them into the hands of more physicians in a compliant manner. Contact us today to learn more about adding your company’s products to the MedStart kiosk!

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