MedStart Cabinet is a state-of-the-art kiosk that sits in physicians’ offices and enables prescribers to dispense generic and branded drug samples that are specifically tracked to the patient’s electronic medical/health record. Hundreds of these cabinets are already deployed at health systems and doctors’ offices throughout the United States, many of which are “no-see, no-call” offices, allowing physicians to access samples without the direct involvement of a sales representative or pharmaceutical company. MedStart samples may be stored in QPharma’s warehouse or one or more third-party warehouses. MedStart is connected to QPharma’s Titanium platform, and sample requests are managed via Ti DTP.

Key Benefits of MedStart Cabinet:

  •  Increased reach and distribution to “no-see/no-call” practitioner offices
  •  Improved patient medication adherence and outcomes
  • Enhanced patient satisfaction and HCAHPS scores
  • Increased prescription fills
  •  Minimized script “cannibalization”
  • Provides patients with immediate access to required medication regimens
  • Allows patients to try free samples of medication before filling a prescription

By providing physicians with a quick and easy way to dispense medication samples, MedStart Cabinet is transforming the healthcare industry. Patients benefit from immediate access to the medication they need, while physicians can improve patient outcomes and satisfaction. Pharmaceutical manufacturers benefit from increased sample tracking and prescription fills, as well as reaching new “no-see/no-call” offices. With MedStart Cabinet, QPharma is committed to improving patient outcomes and driving innovation in the healthcare industry.

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