QPharma’s Sample Accountability (SA)

QPharma’s Sample Accountability (SA) solution effectively addresses the challenges of compliance in hand-carry initiatives. With a dedicated team of experts, we ensure highly accurate PDMA compliance data, efficient reconciliation processing, skilled handling of variances, and prompt state and federal reporting.

As a single-source data management provider, QPharma offers comprehensive data management, sample reconciliation, field inventory services, and reporting services. Our Sample Accountability system integrates smoothly with end-to-end sample management services such as warehouse fulfillment, returns and destruction, sample eligibility processing, field audits, and closeouts, among others.

Key features of our Sample Accountability solution include:

  • Flawless integration with leading CRM systems
  • Proactive monitoring of inventory fluctuations
  • Reconciliation status reports at individual sales rep and field levels
  • Detailed reports on losses, reportable events, compliance alerts, and trend tracking

Additional services provided by QPharma encompass business rules development, program management and IT support, PDMA compliance training, help desk support, prescriber validation, signature verification, automated escalations, and trending reports.

QPharma’s Sample Accountability solution not only streamlines compliance processes but also offers valuable support to sales teams through field sales training and integrated field auditing and storage location inspections. By leveraging our comprehensive services, clients can improve overall efficiency, reduce risks, and maintain the highest standards of regulatory compliance.

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