QPharma’s Direct to Practitioner (DTP)

QPharma‘s Direct to Practitioner (DTP) solution offers a comprehensive suite of services for healthcare professionals, streamlining the sample request and fulfillment process. Our advanced features, such as real-time integration for fulfillment with third-party warehouses, unique digital fingerprinting for detecting duplicates, and preferred day of delivery capability, have resulted in significant savings for our clients. The scalable system can handle thousands of requests per day, making it suitable for large clients.

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Eliminating delays in patient care with digital technology

Our DTP order processing pipeline includes various checks such as PDMA compliance, business rule enforcement, and suspicious order monitoring. If a request is deemed invalid and correctable, our DTP Analyst team can assist in resolving errors and communicating with HCPs or sales representatives. We have experience with implementing restrictions and verifications, such as product/specialty pairings and state eligibility requirements.

Key features of our DTP solution include:

  • Real-time integration with third-party warehouses
  • Unique digital fingerprinting to detect duplicate requests, resulting in substantial savings for clients
  • Preferred day of delivery capability, allowing orders to be held and sent on the desired day
  • Support for cold chain, coupons, vouchers, promotional material, and controlled substances
  • Compatibility with our or third-party practitioner validation systems
  • Signature support via various channels (mail, fax, email, and SMS text)
QPharma’s Direct to Practitioner (DTP)

We have extensive experience handling Ohio’s TDDD requirements and offer tailored solutions for TDDD information capture, exemption management, and regulatory compliance. Our industry-leading DTP solution streamlines processes, enhances efficiency, and supports regulatory compliance, providing significant value to our clients.

QPharma’s ability to integrate with third-party CRMs, such as Veeva or IQVIA’s OCE, sets us apart in the industry. Our dedicated team of integration experts has extensive experience in building custom integrations for these platforms, ensuring a smooth flow of data and enhanced collaboration between our DTP solution and the client’s existing CRM system. This interoperability allows for streamlined processes, improved efficiency, and the ability to leverage the full potential of both systems, ultimately delivering greater value to our clients.

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