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The creation, production, and distribution of pharmaceutical products is a complicated process, filled with many potential pitfalls. All experienced professionals in the field have learned that one regulatory noncompliance can turn into a monumental setback for your entire organization. Luckily, there are technological solutions to these longstanding problems. QPharma offers technological pharma solutions that are effective, scalable, and easy to use. Learn more about our pharma solution software.  

A Software Solution for Every Step in Your Process

QPharma offers a large suite of software solutions for pharmaceutical manufacturers and branders. Whether you are looking for a suite to help you manage the distribution of samples or an inventory tracking system, we have an advanced program to help you do it. With these software solutions, you can spend more time growing and less time processing reports and double-checking your regulatory obligations. Some of our pharma solutions include:

  • Direct to Practitioner (DTP): Streamline the sample request and fulfillment process with this suite of software solutions.
  • Direct to Rep (DTR): This cloud-based solution offers a user-friendly and intuitive way to connect sales representatives to their home office.
  • Field Inventory Services (FIS): Our Field Inventory Service platform helps you track your inventory, making it easier than ever before to perform audits, inspections, and processing.
  • Practitioner Validation: Confirm the identity and professional standing of healthcare providers through this PDMA-compliant solution.
  • Sample Accountability (SA): Our SA solution is a flawless way to manage data, reconcile sample variances, track inventory, and generate reports.
  • Sample Transparency – ACA 6004: Prevent potential regulatory violations with our state-of-the-art platform for tracking the distribution and transfer of pharmaceutical samples.
  • Spend Transparency – ACA 6002: Ensure you have proof of ethical and professional conduct with this software that captures, classifies, and reports on all financial transactions.
  • Warehouse and Fulfillment: QPharma’s DDA-certified, temperature-controlled facility can handle the safe storage and meticulous distribution of pharmaceutical products.

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With our vast array of technological platforms, we can help you make tracking, reporting, and communication within your organization seamless. Instead of spending all your time checking and double-checking your regulatory compliance, let a reliable software solution handle it for you. Contact us today to learn more about our pharma solutions!

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