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As a pharmaceutical manufacturer, you create medications that are effective at enhancing the lives of those who take them. Getting your pharmaceutical samples into the hands of physicians and patients can be difficult, especially in no-see-no-call offices that your field representatives can’t access. QPharma has developed QPharmaRx, an online ordering portal that makes your products accessible to countless healthcare providers with the click of a button. When you work with us, we can add your company’s samples to the QPharmaRx system, making them instantly visible to a large network of healthcare providers and prescribers. Learn more about QPharmaRx’s pharmaceutical sample ordering portal.

Solution Benefits

Samples Are Integral to the Success of Your Products

A great deal of research shows that getting pharmaceutical samples into the hands of patients is essential to the success of any pharmaceutical product. When the financial barriers are removed, patients are free to experience the full benefits of your product and more likely to become long-term customers. Getting your samples into as many offices as possible is not easy. As great as your field representatives are, they can’t be everywhere at once. This is where QPharmaRx can help.

What Is QPharmaRx?

QPharmaRx is a virtual ordering platform for a wide network of pharmaceutical samples. Physicians and healthcare providers can order pharmaceutical samples through our digital portal. Many physicians discover new products and turn to new brands because of their accessibility on the QPharmaRx ordering platform. We can add your company’s products to our roster of amazing pharmaceutical samples and help you improve your brand’s availability.

How QPharmaRx Helps Pharma Manufacturers

There are many benefits to adding your product to the roster of samples available on the QPharmaRx platform. By working together, we can make the process of distributing pharmaceutical drug samples in a compliant manner easier than ever before. Below are some of the many ways that QPharmaRx can help your company:

  • • Increased Brand Visibility: Listing your drug samples in QPharmaRx increases visibility and exposure for your brand.
  • Everything Can Be Ordered in One Place: Healthcare providers can order samples, vouchers, coupons and print co-pay cards, brochures, and promotional materials from one portal with ease.
  • Your Business Rules: Your samples based on your business rules, which HCP’s, what quantities, how often and integrated with your other sample distribution channels.
  • Compliance: QPharmaRx can track and validate the physician ordering your samples to ensure that your company is only distributing to authorized providers.
  • Real-Time Business Intelligence: QPharmaRx provides manufacturers with detailed real-time dashboard reports.
  • No Need for Marketing: QPharma markets QPharmaRx to a wide network of healthcare providers, relieving you of the marketing you would have to do for your own online ordering portal.

QPharmaRx by the Numbers

When you look at the numbers related to providing pharmaceutical samples through an online portal, the benefits become apparent. In an increasingly digital world, physicians are often unaware of incredible products when they are not available on online ordering platforms like QPharmaRx. Some recent data has shown the crucial importance of making pharmaceutical samples virtually accessible, such as:

  • 60% of healthcare providers now say digital tools to support patient education, provide physician support, and manage patient care are essential when they consider working with a pharma product manufacturer.
  • 54% of physicians consider online portals necessary.
  • 40% of physician advocacy for drugs is directly linked to customer experience and loyalty.
  • 30% of patients fill a prescription only when provided a sample, regardless of age, income, or gender.

Add Your Pharmaceutical Samples to the QPharmaRx Platform!

If you have been searching for an additional easier way to manage the distribution of your pharmaceutical samples, QPharma is here to help. We can add your company to our online ordering portal and make your products easily seen and easily ordered by an ever-growing network of physicians. QPharmaRx was designed to help our partners in the pharmaceutical industry streamline the process of distributing their pharmaceutical samples because it is key to any pharma company’s ultimate success. Please speak with our team today to learn more about adding your products to the QPharmaRx ordering platform.

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