Revolutionize the way HCPs order drug samples with our cutting edge multi-tenant virtual sample closet!

Say goodbye to the hassle of ordering drug samples! The easy-to-use registration process grants HCPs access to multiple manufacturers’ drug samples, product information, and coupons and vouchers – all in one convenient virtual sample closet. Using the latest in angular design and technology to create a seamless ordering experience for HCPs, the QPharmaRx virtual sample closet allows each brand manufacturer to customize the business rules that determine which HCPs have access to their drug samples, how many samples are distributed, and at what frequency – ensuring complete control over the distribution of your products. Experience the future of drug sample ordering today!

What more can we tell you?

The demand for digital services to help doctors support patients is growing:

  • 60% of healthcare providers now say that digital tools to support patient education, provide physician support, and manage patient care are important when they consider working with a pharma product manufacturer. (Source – Bain & Company)
  • 54% of physicians consider online portals important.
  • 40% of physician advocacy for drugs is directly linked to customer experience and loyalty.
  • 30% of patients fill a prescription only when provided a sample regardless of age, income, or gender.

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