The challenges facing life sciences sales representatives have evolved — and field force automation tools need to evolve with them. Ti CRM® is an intuitive, freestanding CRM application strictly for life sciences, and the first-ever CRM built specifically for QPharma’s market-shaping Titanium® platform.

Ti CRM® offers all the features you need and expect from a CRM application — with offline functionality, an intuitive user interface, and comprehensive reporting and analytics. And with the ability to record Pharmacy Drops and access all data within three clicks or fewer, it’s even more versatile than tools currently on the market.

Ti CRM® integrates seamlessly with the full Titanium® platform, delivering not only an improved experience for sales reps and physicians, but actionable, real-time intelligence for the home office.

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Comprehensive Field Force Automation for Life Sciences

  • Seamless integration with Titanium® — ability to push sales representative hand-sample and DTP requests directly to our platform
  • Confident, assured compliance with the PDMA and 21 CFR Part 11
  • Single Sign-On access
  • Built-in practitioner validation — instantly see whether an HCP is sample-eligible using QPharma’s integrated Ti Validate® application
  • Tools to manage sample allocation and sample optimization
  • Presentation capabilities for HCP detailing/Closed Loop Marketing
  • Ability for practitioners to request pharmacy sample drops with dual signature capture
  • Ability for reps to correct existing records
  • Territory Manager, Regional Manager, Administrative and Home Office access, dashboards, levels, and reporting
  • Integrated expense capture for Sunshine Act compliance
  • Rep-specific notifications — sample receipts, training, DTP activity
  • Highly configurable administrative portal (turn features on/off)
  • Pre-developed Performance Qualification(PQ) for smooth validation of configurations
  • Additional features with optional integration to Titanium® applications:
  • – Ability to block rep sampling until training is completed
  • – Ability to block DTP sampling until AOCs are acknowledged

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