At QPharma, our Key Opinion Leader (KOL) solution professionals are among the industry’s leading experts at helping pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device firms identify and engage with Key Opinion Leaders to achieve success in educational and promotional communications.  Our consultants have worked with seven of the top 10 pharmaceutical manufacturers, as well as more than 70 small to mid-size companies, in developing successful strategies for KOL engagement and influence mapping.  Our proprietary KOL engagement technology and consulting solution, Ti KOL®, affords our clients comprehensive access to data about highly qualified and validated medical professionals, including information about professional spheres of influence, social relationships, and promotional activities.  Ti KOL® is a powerful, all-in-one solution that overcomes the limitations of traditional KOL activities and enhances the effectiveness and compliance of KOL engagement.

Gap Analysis, Landscape Analysis, and Message Mapping

  • Gap and landscape analysis to help clients understand their company’s and brands’ marketplace position and reputation
  • KOL strategy and product promotion strategy analysis to optimize resource allocation and target communications

KOL Compliance Validation

  • Practitioner validation services to ensure license verification
  • OIG and FDA safeguards ensure that KOLs are fully vetted for regulatory compliance.
  • Maintenance of customized and compliant MSL-KOL interactions for each KOL

Identification of “Rising Stars” and “Bridge Builders”

  • By analyzing the career graph of each KOL, we identify “Rising Stars” who are likely to be the most influential in promoting client brands.
  • We also identify KOLs who act as “Bridge Builders” — experts who may not be top influencers, but who maintain key connections to highly influential KOLs and their networks.

Competitor Intelligence and Sunshine Act Analysis

  • All KOL information is validated against QPharma’s Sunshine Act reporting database.
  • By identifying which KOLs are collaborating with our clients’ competitors through research grants, consulting, speaking events, etc., we help our clients develop effective strategies to stand out in the marketplace.

KOL Influence Mapping and Engagement Planning

  • Ti KOL® — part of the Titanium® suite of commercial and compliance reporting tools — provides access to vital information about KOL professional and social relationships and influence.
  • Ti KOL® sysytem’s proprietary algorithms and statistical formulas enable brand managers to score KOLs and better understand their professional activities.
  • By gaining an understanding of KOL social and professional networks, our clients can prioritize future KOL collaborations and develop individual KOL engagement plans.

To learn how our KOL engagement solutions can accelerate your brand success, please contact us.