At QPharma, we understand the importance of an efficient and reliable sample management process. Our Field Inventory Services (FIS) combine cutting-edge technology, expertise, and experience to provide comprehensive audit and inventory management solutions. As a dependable partner, we offer a complete suite of services that streamline and improve your end-to-end sample management process, ultimately benefiting your organization.

QPharma’s FIS is backed by a national network of highly skilled Inventory Specialists who have extensive experience in industry practices and compliance training. This network effectively conducts a substantial number of field audit inspections annually.

Our comprehensive suite of services includes:

  • Annual Audits
  • Storage Facility Inspections
  • Asset Recovery
  • For-Cause Audits
  • Transfers
  • Paperless Processing
  • Electronic Signature

Home office administrators can leverage the management console to configure, load, and monitor field audits, inventories, on-site inspections, and representative closeouts. This platform also allows admins to view assignment status, generate reports, and track overall performance via intuitive dashboards.

Our mobile solution enables Inventory Specialists to schedule and manage assignments while collecting inventory, inspection, and sample storage data. Compatible with smartphones and tablets, the application ensures efficient and dependable electronic data capture, barcode scanning, and photo and video documentation.

Furthermore, the mobile solution supports electronic signature capture for both field inventory specialists and sales representatives. Inventory and storage results are instantly transmitted to the backend system of record. Summary reports of field events are sent to the home office staff to fulfill reporting requirements. This entirely paperless and validated system streamlines procedures, minimizes the impact on sales representatives, and enhances data reliability, ultimately providing value to our clients.

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