Ti Sample®

For 20+ years, QPharma has been a leader in the sample management industry — driving brand growth and sales rep effectiveness while maintaining compliance with the Prescription Drug Marketing Act. Not only does QPharma perform all these services under one roof, but everything is integrated within QPharma's Titanium® platform.


Sample accountability management with Ti Sample®

Ti Sample® provides compliance teams with instant access to reconciliation reports and actionable insights across the sales force. QPharma compliance analysts work directly with sales representatives to monitor variances, reconcile losses, and prepare PDMA-compliant reports. QPharma supports electronic and paper-based sampling systems and integrates with all major pharmaceutical-driven CRM systems.

Maintain PDMA compliance with Ti FIS®

For sales representatives with hand-carry samples, the inventory process can be challenging. QPharma's Ti FIS®  field inventory services solution, combined with QPharma's nationwide team of inventory specialists, facilitates accurate, PDMA-compliant inventories (annual, random, and for-cause) and storage location/vehicle inspections. QPharma also provides asset retrieval services.

Built-in practitioner validation with Ti Validate®

Ti Validate® automatically confirms healthcare provider license status, specialty, and other information to verify their eligibility to receive samples — with integration to state and federal practitioner databases. When an auto-match is not possible within the Titanium® platform, QPharma's HCP validation analysts handle the process manually.

Keep samples and products moving with Ti License®

Whether you are shipping samples, trade products, or medical devices, keeping track of your licensing requirements is vital. QPharma’s compliance team works with QPharma clients to ensure they are licensed to distribute healthcare products in all U.S. states and territories. Ti License® provides a 360-degree view into licensure status, including license applications , pending expirations, and renewals.

Sample storage and fulfillment

QPharma operates a secure, DDA-accredited fulfillment center near our northern NJ headquarters. Featuring temperature-controlled space, including controlled substance and cold-chain storage, our FDA-compliant center is close to major highways and distribution hubs.

Drug Distributor

Whatever your Sample Management solution needs may be, QPharma has the solution.
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