Sales Force

QPharma’s innovative sales force automation tools are used by thousands of pharmaceutical sales representatives and sales operations teams worldwide. As the only CRM tool expressly designed for the pharmaceutical industry, Ti CRM® interfaces with the Titanium’s other solutions to help the sale force be as efficient and compliant as possible.


Intuitive User Interface

Ti CRM® is a user-friendly, web-based platform  that can be accessed via Single Sign-On (SSO) from any tablet, mobile device, laptop, or desktop. Designed for speed and simplicity, it enables users to access all features within three clicks or fewer.

Pre-populated Samples Request Form Generation

Ti CRM® eliminates hassles faced by sales representatives to schedule time with busy practitioners by sending personalized sample request forms to the practitioners via their chosen delivery method, enabling them to sign and request samples at their convenience.

Ti Sample® for Compliant Sample Requests

Whether sales representatives are hand-carrying samples in the field or facilitating Direct-to-Practitioner (DTP) requests, Ti CRM® enables compliant prescription drug sample requests with the swipe of a finger, stylus, or mouse. Direct to Representative (DTR)  sample requests are captured via Ti OrderPoint®  QPharma clients benefit from Titanium® solutions’ ability to seamlessly work together; for example, you can limit access until sales representative training modules are completed or  enable HCPs to sign outstanding Acknowledgement-of-Content (AOC) forms electronically, on the spot.

Pharmacy Sample Drop with Dual-Signature Capture

In contrast to some sale force automation tools on the market, Ti CRM® enables a fully PDMA-compliant process whereby hospital-based physicians without on-site sample closets can request samples be dropped at a healthcare facility pharmacy.

Built-in Practitioner Validation with Ti Validate®

Ti Validate® automatically confirms healthcare provider license status, professional designation, and other information to verify their eligibility to receive samples. A visual cue within Ti CRM® instantly informs the  sales representative whether an HCP is sample-eligible.

Video Conferencing Capable

QPharma QConnect technology allows sales representatives to hold remote sessions with practitioners with complete audio and video conferencing abilities. This multi device-supported solution  integrates seamlessly with Ti CRM®, allowing sales representatives to access full sampling functionality while advancing a productive interaction with the practitioner.

PDMA, 21 CFR Part 11, and State Regulations Compliant

The name QPharma has been synonymous with compliance since 1994. Ti CRM® and the suite of Titanium® solutions are built to comply fully with the Prescription Drug Marketing Act (21 CFR Part 203), 21 CFR Part 11, the federal Sunshine Act, and all other applicable state laws and regulations. QPharma's in-house compliance team, headed by QPharma Chief Compliance Officer, ensures QPharma compliance solutions remain continuously up-to-date.

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