With Chicago and Nevada requirements in effect, QPharma is supporting its clients’ compliance

QPharma, a leading provider of compliance and commercial services to the life sciences industry, is actively working with its pharmaceutical clients to help them comply with new laws and ordinances requiring pharmaceutical sales reps to be licensed in certain regions.

Recently, the City of Chicago announced that effective July 1, a license will be required for anyone wishing to conduct business as a pharmaceutical representative within the city for fifteen or more days per calendar year. When contacting a healthcare professional, the representative is required to show the license on demand. Similarly, the State of Nevada passed a new pricing transparency law intended to address the rising costs of prescription drugs. The law includes a requirement, modeled on Chicago, that pharmaceutical representatives must register in the state and disclose certain details about conversations they are having with physicians.

QPharma is closely monitoring other city and state governments that may be considering or planning similar laws and ordinances, and the company has already begun working with clients who are conducting sales detailing and sampling in these regions to prepare them for compliance.

“Using our Titanium LMS™ learning management system, QPharma is training reps and sales operations teams on the initial and ongoing registration and educational requirements,” said Judy Fox, Director of Compliance Services at QPharma, who is in contact with regulators responsible for enforcing these requirements.

Ms. Fox added: “Our Titanium License™ application, which our clients use to manage their distribution licensing, can also be used be used to track pharmaceutical representative licensing. We are planning a free webinar to further educate the life sciences industry on these evolving requirements. If anyone in the industry has concerns about these laws and how best to comply, we’re at your service.”

Sales reps, managers, and others with questions about these services, or who wish to receive announcements about the upcoming webinar, are invited to contact licensing@qpharmacorp.com.

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