QPharma, a leading regulatory compliance and brand solutions company, has introduced its QLaunch service, a comprehensive solution for pharmaceutical, medical device, and biotech companies preparing for a new product launch.

“While no one can guarantee that a product will be a blockbuster, by applying the QLaunch methodology, life sciences companies are guaranteed to follow the regulatory and commercial steps necessary for a successful product launch,” explained Peter Shaw, M.D., Chief Medical Officer at QPharma. A physician and expert on pharmaceutical sales and marketing effectiveness, Dr. Shaw is responsible for overseeing the delivery of the QLaunch solution to QPharma’s clients.

Throughout the QLaunch process, QPharma’s expert consultants work closely with clients to plan and support the implementation of each critical phase in the pre-launch process, launch activities, and post-launch continuum. Services include recruiting, training, and managing sales teams; engaging clinical key opinion leaders; ensuring compliance with federal and state regulations; establishing programs for the management and distribution of samples; and designing and launching appropriate marketing campaigns.

“The QLaunch solution is available to life sciences firms of any size, as it can be tailored to meet each company’s specific needs in preparing to launch their commercial product,” said Dr. Shaw.

For more information about the methodology and services offered, visit www.qlaunch.com.

About QPharma, Inc.
QPharma provides a suite of services and solutions to the life sciences industry. Services offered by the company’s Professional Services division include complete validation services, project management, auditing, and training. The Commercial Services division provides solutions in such areas as aggregate spend reporting, PDMA compliance, online training, warehousing and fulfillment, and brand marketing and sales support. The company’s engineers, regulatory compliance experts, and brand consultants have been proudly serving the life sciences industry since 1994.