Pharmaceutical compliance partnership allows manufacturers and distributors to more easily meet and exceed DEA due diligence requirements

QPharma, a premier provider of compliance and commercial services to the life sciences industry, and Five Rivers RX, a leading provider of compliance services to the pharmaceutical supply chain, have announced a new partnership to market their respective software solutions for DEA Compliance.

Ti Risk, developed by QPharma, analyzes claims data, patient data, and prescribing patterns for healthcare practitioners (HCPs) to identify HCPs with a higher risk of potential diversion and non-compliance. NavigateSOM, developed by Five Rivers RX, is a cloud-based Suspicious Order Monitoring system designed to identify bad actors and help companies comply with CFR requirements.

The two software solutions together allow for a 360-degree evaluation of sales of controlled substances through robust supply chain analysis: Ti Risk enables pharmaceutical companies to identify and investigate the behavior of HCPs withthe potential for diversion and abuse, and NavigateSOM analyzes the downstream supply chain. A leader in the system validation space, QPharma has validated NavigateSOM and TiRisk for regulatory compliance.

“QPharma’s Ti Risk, part of the Titanium® family of business intelligence tools, gives our clients unparalleled insight and analytics into prescribing behaviors of HCPs with the potential to adversely impact their brand,” explained Badal Shah, Managing Director of Health Analytics at QPharma. “Our partnership with Five Rivers RX gives mutual clients the best possible combination of technology and consultative support.”

Sumeet Singh, President of Five Rivers RX, added, “With NavigateSOM, our mission is to build the most effective and efficient cloud-based Suspicious Order Monitoring system. To do this, we listen, we design, we innovate, we test, and in a single platform, we work tirelessly to give you peace of mind from regulatory action and, just as importantly, conduct business ethically. We are committed to working with QPharma to ensure the integrity of the pharmaceutical supply chain.”

Both QPharma and Five Rivers RX help the pharmaceutical supply chain meet and exceed State, DSCSA, FDA, DEA and Accreditation requirements with a range of solutions and services. This agreement expands both companies’ compliance capabilities and allows them to better serve customers that are looking for a comprehensive solution for DEA compliance.

About QPharma, Inc.
Founded in 1994, QPharma is the industry leader in cloud-based software and services for life sciences. The Commercial Services division provides solutions that include sample management and distribution, product launch management, online training, and HCP/KOL targeting and engagement. Services offered by the company’s Professional Services division include validation services, project management, auditing, and training. QPharma is a National Association of Boards of Pharmacy Verified Accredited Wholesale Distributor, and an approved American Medical Association Database Licensee.

About Five Rivers RX
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