Ti OrderPoint is a next-generation Direct to Rep (DTR) solution from QPharma, the leading provider of cloud-based compliance solutions. Ti OrderPoint provides a sophisticated automation to the home office-sales rep relationship that modern CRMs provide for rep-to-HCP relationships.

Key features of Ti OrderPoint include:

  • A sublime user experience with an intuitive user interface design, featuring lively and elegant galleries and visual cues for samples and promotional materials. The new design is supported on various screen sizes and has improved responsive capabilities.
  • Compliance features that support integrations with the client’s learning management systems, which limit rep access only to products for which they have received training.
  • Additional compliance features such as an expansion of the audit trail to cover downloadable digital assets. This feature enables home office teams to reach out to sales reps who may have downloaded materials that are no longer approved for sharing.
  • Inherited the Titanium platform’s customer master records, sales rep rosters, business rules engine, and reporting and dashboarding capabilities, providing clients with a comprehensive and powerful solution.
  • Ability to enforce allocation limits for samples and promotional materials, with an interface that helps the rep understand why they do not have access to an item.
  • Management of vacant territories and districts, with a workflow for home office teams to submit, review, and approve proposed sales team allocations.
  • Enhanced and new dashboards that provide greater insight to home office teams regarding allocation usage, product utilization, and trends.

Ti OrderPoint is the solution for modern DTR requirements, providing a user-friendly experience for sales reps, with robust compliance features and powerful allocation management.

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