QPharma’s Ti Launch® is an integrated platform for life sciences companies that provides a suite of real-time management, tracking, and reporting tools spanning the pre-clinical, clinical, and product launch phases. It affords R&D and brand teams the ability to track progress and assess the status of key tasks, milestones, and critical path items. As products move through the clinical phases and prepare for commercialization, teams can share calendars, timelines, meeting minutes, regulatory documents, and launch materials. And with enterprise-wide deployment, each client has the ability to customize access for users at all levels of the organization, from cross-functional team members and launch project managers, to senior and executive leadership.

The Ti Launch® platform is complemented by QPharma’s hands-on approach and consultative expertise. Our experienced clinical, compliance, and sales/marketing teams — including regulatory consultants, KOL and physician engagement specialists, and sample management experts — work closely with our clients throughout the entire process to ensure successful planning, launch, and commercialization.

Comprehensive Feature Set

  • Integrated Platform — Planning, Tracking, and Reporting
  • 24/7, Browser-based Access
  • Automated E-mail Notifications — Individuals and Designated Groups
  • Customizable Access Based on User Level
  • Track Dependencies and Critical Path Items
  • Exportable Reports and Gantt Charts

Expert Consultative Support

QPharma works closely with its clients each step of the way: 

  • Project Management
  • Launch Planning
  • Consultation to Establish Milestones and Timelines
  • Transparency Reporting Planning
  • KOL Engagement Planning
  • Sample Management and Distribution Planning
  • Post-Commercialization Support


To learn how Ti Launch and our consultative solutions can fuel your clinical and commercialization success, please contact us.