Right now your brand messaging is being disseminated through academic, professional, and personal channels of influence. A message that resonates is important, but so is identifying the optimal way for it to address the specific wants and needs of the healthcare practitioner (HCP) receiving it. Peer network assessment services from QPharma give your brand team insights into the professional networks that impact your prescription uptake. Armed with a better understanding of networks and interactions, companies can develop more efficient strategies for HCP engagement.

If a speaker program or territory is underperforming, QPharma’s targeting solutions allow your brand team to delve deeper into the why, enabling you to take the appropriate and beneficial actions at the physician level. And by layering QPharma insights over your existing intelligence workflow, you will receive an unbiased, granular view of your HCP networks at the national, regional, and local level.

Medical Education and Marketing

  • KOL Crossover
  • Speakers Bureau Assessment
  • Speaker Selection
  • Audience Selection

Pre-launch Market Preparation

  • Speaker Development
  • Speaker Programming
  • Promotional Medical Education
  • Universe Valuation

PCP and Specialist Relationship Links

  • Identify Key Relationships Between Specialties
  • Identify Key Primary Care Physician (PCP)-to-Specialist Relationships

Targeting/Sales Force Effectiveness

  • Targeting Prioritization
  • Allocation of Sales Discretionary Budgets
  • Medical Science Liaison Engagement
  • Call Planning
  • Starter Kit Development
  • Sample Allocation
  • Competitive Launch Response

“No See” Physician Strategies

  • Reach “No See” Physicians via Peer Network Strategies

To learn how QPharma’s Peer Network Solutions can accelerate your life sciences brand performance, please contact us.