For life science companies preparing for a product launch, it is vital every step of the process — from clinical trials to pre-commercialization and regulatory preparation, to launch and beyond — be carefully tracked and managed. With QPharma’s purpose-built technology platform, clients and brands of every size will be positioned for a successful global launch.


Product Launch Management with Ti Launch®

Ti Launch® is a leading tracking and management tool purpose-built to facilitate life sciences product launch planning. The web-based solution, part of the Titanium® suite, provides 24/7 access from any web browser. Features include automated email notifications to individuals and groups; integrated Gantt-charts to provide at-a-glance insights into launch status; and exportable reports. With deployment across the enterprise, access can be customized based on role — to ensure your worldwide teams have access to exactly the insights and information they need.

Rapid Launch Methodology

QPharma has been helping its clients commercialize pharmaceutical brands, biologic products, and medical devices for decades. QPharma works closely with clients to customize rapid launch methodology to every engagement, ensuring each plan is unique to your needs and situation while still drawing from years of industry best practices.

Consultative Support

As each product moves along the timeline toward launch, there are countless important process milestones — from navigating regulatory obstacles, to implementing a sample distribution plan, to identifying a strategy for targeting Key Opinion Leaders. By engaging QPharma early in the process, clients retain a consultative partner working alongside them each step of the way.

Whatever your Launch solution needs may be, QPharma has the solution.
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