Another Global Pharmaceutical Giant Joins Titanium® Client Roster

QPharma, a premier provider of commercial and compliance services to the life sciences industry, has been engaged by several new clients in 2019, including a Top 15 pharmaceutical manufacturer, to provide a global KOL engagement and HCP targeting solution.

QPharma will enhance its new client’s medical and promotional communication in the field by creating a comprehensive KOL/HCP engagement and targeting strategy for the oncology medical and commercial teams. The program will span nearly a dozen countries in Latin America and the Middle East, along with the entirety of North America. The news follows last year’s announcement of the exponential growth of QPharma’s KOL and HCP targeting services in North America and Europe.

Pharmaceutical companies routinely identify Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs), also known as thought leaders, to support communication activities around their brands. KOLs are typically physicians and other healthcare providers (HCPs) that are highly influential within their fields. A pioneering force in thought leader engagement and influence mapping, QPharma has developed the Ti KOL® and Ti Target® solutions, part of the Titanium® platform of commercial and compliance tools.

In the execution of these programs, QPharma’s team of more than 300 medical researchers analyze and score KOLs using QPharma’s proprietary algorithms, creating an influence map to help clients understand the influence of KOLs and their networks. This targeted, analytics-driven approach results in a highly targeted promotional plan that enables clients to more effectively message HCPs and promote their therapies.

“QPharma offers the most comprehensive and revolutionary solution for KOL engagement and HCP targeting currently available on the market,” said Badal Shah, Managing Director for KOL, HCP Targeting & Opioid Risk, who leads this practice at QPharma. “We look forward to continuing to expand our global footprint, as more pharmaceutical brands take advantage of the enormous benefits these novel methodologies, tools, and services can offer them.”

About QPharma, Inc.
Founded in 1994, QPharma is the industry leader in cloud-based software and services for life sciences. The Commercial Services division provides solutions that include sample management and distribution, product launch management, online training, and HCP/KOL targeting and engagement. Services offered by the company’s Professional Services division include validation services, project management, auditing, and training. QPharma is a National Association of Boards of Pharmacy Verified Accredited Wholesale Distributor, and an approved American Medical Association Database Licensee.