Ed Sleeper — Managing Director, Commercial Strategies and Solutions, QPharma
Jennifer Schmidt, MBA
 — Product Manager, LMS and Training Solutions, QPharma

You’ve probably taken an online compliance training course at one time in your career — perhaps even recently.  Did you click through it in record time and then try your best to pass the assessment?  Don’t be ashamed if your answer to this question is a resounding “yes” — because you aren’t alone.

In the life sciences world, compliance training is a critical investment (as opposed to just another “cost”) as companies continue to come under Corporate Integrity Agreements (CIAs) and Consent Decrees.  Unfortunately, many organizations take a reactionary approach — spending dollars only when their backs are against the wall.  Even then, many employees don’t pay the proper attention to online training, and this puts organizations further at risk.

Compliance training may not always feature the most compelling topics, but it serves a major purpose: to protect a life sciences company, its employees, and ultimately the doctors and patients who are using its products.  This being the case, organizations have a responsibility to renew their focus on compliance, and to adopt it as a core value that is championed by executive leadership.  Compliance training vendors, meanwhile, have a responsibility to serve as partners to their clients, and to develop cost-effective, engaging compliance training that fosters positive change.

So how do you create engaging training without blowing the budget?  Content treatment is vital.  Focus on an understanding of why rules and regulations matter and how they are relevant to a job function.  Combine this approach with good instructional design techniques (real-life scenarios, choose your own path, etc.) and incorporate relevant creative images and multimedia elements, such as audio and video.  Reinforce the training topics by conducting live interactive workshops, and measure your effectiveness via pre- and post-training tests and follow-up surveys three and six months down the line.

Good compliance equals good business.  The more quickly that life sciences organizations realize and embrace this, the better.

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