HCP Self-

QPharma is a leader in the sample management industry, whether QPharma clients have sales representatives that hand-carry samples, representatives that do not carry samples, or no field sales force at all. For clients who need to get samples directly from the fulfillment center into HCP sample closets, a variety of solutions are available.

Easy HCP Sample Ordering with Ti Portal®

Ti Portal®, part of the SAAS-based Titanium® platform, enables practitioners to order drug samples, literature, test kits, and other materials from their PC or mobile device. This PDMA- and 21 CFR Part 11-compliant solution allows administrators to set restrictions according to criteria including physician specialty and ordering limits, as well as limit orders based on outstanding Acknowledgement of Content (AOC) forms.

Seamless Integration with Ti Validate®

Like all Titanium® solutions, Ti Portal® is seamlessly integrated with Ti Validate®, ensuring that HCP sample eligibility is confirmed before sample orders are sent — with integration to state and federal practitioner databases. If validation cannot be performed automatically for any reason, QPharma’s team of trained practitioner validation analysts are standing by to confirm eligibility.

Direct-to-Practitioner Fulfillment

Once sample eligibility is confirmed, Titanium® interfaces with QPharma’s DDA-accredited fulfillment center — or the third-party fulfillment partner of the client’s choice. QPharma fulfillment center offers full ambient-temperature and cold-chain fulfillment capabilities as well as literature fulfillment, packaging and kitting services.

A Full Complement of Call Center Services

QPharma maintains an on-site call center focused on getting samples into the right hands — while ensuring that QPharma clients maintain full compliance with the Prescription Drug Marketing Act. If an HCP is unable to order samples due to a past-due AOC, QPharma representatives are trained to liaise with practitioner offices and facilitate a prompt fax or electronic approval.

Whatever your HCP Self- Service solution needs, QPharma has the solution.
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