Date:  Wednesday, December 12
Time:  12:30pm to 1:30pm ET
Presented by: Badal Shah, B.Pharm, M.S. MBA – Managing Director, KOL and Targeting


The event will feature a presentation by Badal Shah, B.Pharm, M.S. MBA, who serves as Managing Director, KOL and Targeting at QPharma and leads the company’s KOL engagement practice. With several years of focused effort inside the pharmaceutical vertical, Badal has pioneered a framework for achieving effective medical communications and optimizing field sales force activities pre- and post-launch for pharmaceutical products. Badal will be presenting on the following topic:

KOL Mapping to Optimize Medical Communications and the Field Force: A Revolutionary Approach

  • During pre-launch, medical messaging from KOLs is circulated among the KOL network and does not always percolate to the next tier — Community Opinion Leaders (COLs) and local healthcare practitioners (HCPs)
  • Promotional activities driven by traditional KOL engagement and mapping have ignored the importance of COLs and local HCPs and how KOLs are connected to them
  • In this session, an overview of the “Pyramid of Influence” concept will increase participants’ understanding of how information flows among HCPs from all tiers, and how pharma can leverage this information to achieve a successful product launch
  • This concept helps medical and commercial teams work together prior to launch, not only to achieve effective medical communications but also to later optimize the field sales force

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