Expert Mapping
and Management

QPharma works with life sciences firms to engage clinical experts for support in educational and promotional communications. QPharma identifies and validates global, national, and community- based experts, analyze their relationships, and develop strategies for engagement. QPharma’s Ti Expert® system, part of the Titanium® platform, gives QPharma clients deep insights into each individual expert and their influence networks.


Gap and Landscape Analysis

For some clients, the expert mapping process begins with a comprehensive analysis to gain a better understanding of each company’s and brand’s position and reputation in the marketplace. This helps QPharma’s specialists develop more effective strategies and messaging to promote the client’s products.

KOL Influence Mapping and Engagement Planning

The Ti Validate® tool within the Titanium® system — supported by QPharma team of in-house analysts — ensures that identified experts are fully licensed and active practitioners. The Ti Expert® system also enables clients to maintain compliant records of Medical Science Liaison (MSL) and Key Opinion Leader (KOL) interactions.

KOL Compliance Validation

State transparency regulations include requirements for specific mandates in a manufacturer’s Compliance Program and Code of Conduct, as well as gift bans and spend limits. QPharma’s team of in-house compliance experts help clients ensure they remain compliant with all of the individual requirements, even when there are no reporting requirements. QPharma experts stay current on the latest regulatory developments by state, region, and city and provide clients with regulatory alerts as part of QPharma standard transparency services. Hourly and retainer-based consulting services are also available to help clients with specific issues or concerns.

Sunshine Act Analysis

The National Physician Payment Transparency Program (Open Payments), also known as the Sunshine Act, requires life sciences companies to report transfers of value to U.S. physicians and healthcare institutions. QPharma Sunshine Act analysis services not only keep QPharma clients fully compliant with state and federal laws, but also help them better understand their competition’s promotional activities within the expert mapping framework.

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