In the United States, the pharmaceutical, medical device, and biologics industries are required to track and report on physician payments and promotional activities. Individual states have their own requirements, and companies are finding themselves increasingly frustrated by the challenges of complying with varying guidelines on which activities must be reported, and how reports must be submitted. The prospect of more states adopting similar legislation in response to the Physician Payments Sunshine Act will only increase these challenges. Titanium Spend is QPharma’s robust, cost-effective solution for tracking, evaluating, and reporting expense transactions in a compliant manner.

Leading-edge Technology

  • Ti Spend™ — Part of the Titanium® Commercial and Compliance Suite
  • Backed by QPharma’s team of regulatory compliance experts and the expertise of our in-house general counsel
  • Low-cost, single-source, integrated solution
  • Fully integrated with QPharma’s proprietary Titanium® technology suite
  • Ability to link customer data from multiple sources, including state license, DEA data, and NPI numbers
  • Diverse methods for capturing an integrating expense data, including manual data entry, file uploads through online tool, and interfaces with other expense data management systems
  • Configurable system that includes client-specific administrative preferences, thresholds, and alerts
  • Generates reports according to state and federal specifications

QPharma also offers a comprehensive range of Sunshine Act compliance consulting solutions.

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