When our clients need to get their products and therapies into the hands of a patient who may have economic or access barriers to overcome, QPharma’s Access/Affordability and Patient Savings Card programs provide an ideal solution.

At QPharma, we don’t simply release co-pay and voucher cards and process the claims — we oversee, manage, and monitor the program’s success, from start to finish.  Our programs offer up-to-date analytics reporting, allowing you to track the success of your program in real-time, as well as pharmacist and patient support lines to ensure that your product is being used properly and getting into the hands of those who need it most.

Our national retail network for claims processing includes more than 65,000 pharmacies — including all major chains and many independent pharmacies.  We offer some of the most aggressive network rate discounts in the industry, while also providing exceptional patient access and density coverage.  If you’re looking to deliver an effective, well-executed prescription benefits program to your target patients and physicians, QPharma has you covered.

Co-Pay Cards

  • Serve as an excellent sales and marketing tool to get your product in the hands of patients who struggle with economic barriers
  • Improve fulfillment of scripts
  • Increase the number of new patients starting first-time use
  • Typically cover the remaining drug cost beyond the patient’s out-of-pocket cost

Voucher Cards

  • Easily provide a set amount of product (trial or full prescription) to patients for no out-of-pocket cost
  • Pharmacies are reimbursed directly through the adjudication process — not through a third-party payer

Reporting Capabilities

  • Comprehensive reporting on any and all specific program statistics, as well as normal, operational reporting
  • Web-enabled, ad-hoc reporting
  • Data analysis to aid in decision-making processes and auditing

To learn more about how access/affordability and patient savings solutions from QPharma can help your brand excel, please contact us.