In addition to regulatory compliance and full product distribution solutions, QPharma® offers a comprehensive suite of distribution licensing services for pharmaceutical, medical device, and other life sciences firms. To operate in an efficient and compliant manner, life sciences firms must adhere to rigorous licensing processes — including keeping track of numerous state licensing agencies, completing and filing applications in a timely fashion, and staying abreast of an evolving mix of jurisdictional obligations.

QPharma’s seasoned team of regulatory specialists is at the ready to simplify and streamline your licensing activities. Our trained compliance personnel will work with you to satisfy prerequisites; identify and remediate all regulatory concerns; and prepare and file applications on your behalf — ensuring that you are fully licensed to distribute drugs, devices, biologics, and other healthcare products in all U.S. states and territories. Our state-of-the-art license maintenance technology solution, Ti License®, affords clients a 360-degree view into their nationwide licensure status, including applications, pending expirations, renewals, and more.

Whether you’re a small pharmaceutical or device company preparing for a product launch, or a major global manufacturer with thousands of brands, our distribution licensing experts have got you covered.

Leading-edge Technology

  • Ti License® — Part of the Titanium® Commercial and Compliance Suite
  • A 360-degree view into your nationwide license status
  • Online application filing and renewal tools
  • Interactive U.S. maps of pending approvals and renewals
  • Full-featured dashboard and reporting capabilities
  • Integration with optional sample accountability and distribution modules
  • Supported by QPharma’s expert team of regulatory specialists

In-State and Out-Of-state Licensure

  • State Agency Licenses (manufacturer/distributor, pharmacy/pharmacist, controlled substances, medical devices, durable medical equipment);
  • National Association of Board of Pharmacy — VAWD Accreditation;
  • FDA and DEA Registration; and
  • Designated Representative/Manager-in-Charge/Pharmacist-in-Charge/Personnel Licenses

Comprehensive Services

  • Preparing and filing of applications, tailored to distribution type;
  • Tracking license and/or application statuses;
  • Compliance and regulatory research and consultation;
  • Expert training in licensure matters and processes for company representatives;
  • Fulfillment of license acquisition and renewal processes;
  • Yearly license maintenance;
  • Accurate and efficient satisfaction of licensure requirements; and
  • Direct access to a subject matter specialist for compliance and licensing concerns

To learn how QPharma’s Licensing Solutions can streamline your product distribution and compliance, please contact us.