Pharmaceutical sample operations are complex. Your choice of a commercial and compliance partner for your Field Inventory Services (FIS) shouldn’t be. Ti FIS® is a robust, fully validated FIS application strictly for life sciences, and the first tool of its type developed specifically for QPharma’s market-shaping Titanium® platform. It’s also available as a freestanding application, which can integrate with third-party sampling tools.

Ti FIS® is designed from the bottom up to streamline processes, save time for sales representatives and the home office, and provide unparalleled visibility and insights into inventory activities in the field. And it’s backed by a trained team of field inventory agents who are at the ready to respond quickly and professionally to our clients’ every need.

Ti FIS® integrates seamlessly with the full Titanium® platform and its suite of sample management tools, delivering real-time, actionable data to sales operations teams and managers.

A Comprehensive, All-in-one Solution

  • Seamless integration with Titanium® and leading CRM systems
  • Confident, assured compliance with PDMA and 21 CFR Part 11
  • Enables capture of sample inventory and storage inspection data through bar-code scanning and drop-downs for improved data reliability
  • Gives instant insights into loss variances and other field events, allowing for faster reconciliation
  • Hand-held mobile application enables field inventory agents to view and accept inventory assignments in their area, expediting the scheduling process

A Continuum of Field Inventory Solutions

  • Physical Inventories
    • Annual (PDMA)
    • Random
    • For Cause
  • Closeouts
    • Final Inventories
    • Closeout Kit Fulfillment
    • Retrieval/Return of Assets
  • Storage Location Inspections
    • Ensure Compliance with Required Standards
    • Pre-inspections and in Conjunction with Inventory
  • Sales Representative Vehicle Inspections

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