Code of Conduct: Preamble


Over the past two decades, we have built our business on the basis of trust and honesty.  Our core values of quality, accountability, responsibility, and dependability are at the center of our drive to be a market leader in every aspect of our business, including our business conduct and ethics.

We all know that the environment in which QPharma operates is both highly competitive and demanding.  Our commitment as individuals to standards that are ethical and fair provides the basis for dealing with our various constituents: the public, customers, competitors, suppliers, healthcare providers, patients, and each other.

The QPharma Corporate Code of Conduct (Code) is intended to assist you and the Company in fulfilling our commitment to integrity, and to act as the basic guide to our program of compliance with the laws under which we operate.  Additionally, the Code contains principles and standards to guide our business behavior throughout the world.

QPharma’s drive for excellence begins and ends with a commitment to ethical conduct and compliance with the law.  With your support, we know that the Company’s reputation for integrity and fair dealing will continue to be a source of pride for all of us.


Patrick P. Den Boer
President and CEO