Reno Amadori


Reno Amadori serves as the Chief Executive and Financial Officer at QPharma. He is responsible for strategy, business development, and the company’s day-to-day management. Reno also oversees the company’s financial activities and operations, including budgeting, accounting, and planning. Before joining QPharma, Reno spent nine years with a business and consumer Multinational Corporation. In addition to his work at QPharma, he serves as a volunteer firefighter. Reno has played a valued role in QPharma since 1999 and is currently actively leading the company’s business initiatives.

Lori Peters


Lori Peters is a versatile and accomplished business professional with comprehensive consultative and account management experience. As the COO of QPharma, Lori directs the implementations and operations of Commercial services and manages the client services division. Lori is the go-to for all QPharma’s solutions, including sample management, product launch services, Spend and Transparency services, and the Learning Management System. With 20+ years of experience in healthcare and an extensive knowledge of life science product launches and commercialization, Lori is the go-to expert for KOL engagements. Lori has led several critical projects as the implementation lead for leading big pharma and other life science companies. Lori joined QPharma after serving in various senior leadership roles. At QPharma, Lori spearheads operations for several solutions, along with client services, project management, and alliance management.

Suhail Mughal


Suhail Mughal is leading QPharma’s technology department, which includes product development, data science, cloud infrastructure, and information security. Suhail has over two decades of experience leading product innovation, technology transformations, and strategies in building and delivering applications for the life science industry at QPharma. Since arriving at QPharma in 2015, Suhail has established a startup mindset in QPharma. He has overseen the release of the next generation of QPharma’s applications, the company’s transition to the cloud system, and built a global team of software engineers. Suhail also established innovation as a practice area within IT. QSign™ and QButton™ are examples of many innovative solutions the technology team has delivered under Suhail’s leadership.

Dawn Gabriel


Dawn is the Chief Compliance Officer at QPharma Inc. Her role is to provide compliance leadership to the company and strategic direction to the Quality & Compliance organization. Responsibilities include Quality Systems, PDMA, DEA, federal and state facility licensing, computer systems validation, and providing expert guidance on compliance to our clients. Dawn’s prior positions were at Parke-Davis/Warner-Lambert, Pfizer Inc., and Johnson and Johnson, where she worked for a combined 24 years. Dawn has held leadership roles in the areas of Pharmaceutics, Analytical Research, Document Control, Quality and Compliance, and Computer Systems Validation. Dawn received her B.S. in Chemistry from Fairfield University and her Ph.D. in Pharmaceutics from the University of Connecticut.

John Cunningham


John Cunningham serves as Chief Commercial Officer for QPharma and brings over 20 years of experience in various sales leadership and executive positions in the pharmaceutical commercial services space. He had managed large teams and operating budgets for service providers, helping them to help pharmaceutical manufacturers streamline operations through the efficient and cost-effective deployment of support applications. His areas of expertise include Product Launch, Patient Services, Co-Pay, EHR, CRM and Hub Providers, KOL Identification, and HCP Targeting. He has been regularly consulted on sample management strategies for large pharma clients and consulted with many on deploying resources to ensure successful product support.